Listening to the Lies, Searching for the Truth

The girl with the perfect grades in school…. She’s the girl who goes home to her parents fighting & pushes herself to be good at something…because she obviously wasn’t a good enough daughter. 
The boy with all the girls and seems to be the happy one….his father left when he was a baby and his mother doesn’t even take care of him. He’s just looking for love in all the wrong places. 
The girl who makes fun of you at school….she’s been abused her whole life and just wants to know she’s worth something. 
That lady who seems to have the successful career, beautiful house and nice car..goes home and cries every night because she wants a family or someone to love her. 


So many hurting hearts hidden by smiling faces, successful careers, brilliant Instagram captions and a popularity status. 

So many people looking for lasting love where it can never be found… In things, in people, in likes, in jobs and in followers.

So many people held back by chains of shame, guilt, pain, worry and fear. 
I can see the hurting hearts beneath the smiling faces. They way whenever they think no one is looking their smiles turn to frowns. They way whenever they are behind closed doors they cry and listen to the lies of the enemies. 

He whispers, “You are not truly loved. You deserve all this pain you receive. There’s no reason to live this life. Self harm is the answer obviously. You’re not worth anything. Shutting yourself off from seeking help from others is the answer. They’ll never love you back. Suicide is the answer, there’s no reason to live. You’ll never find joy. ” 

But in the midst of the lies of enemy, there is a beautiful truth waiting to be heard. 

There, in the middle of truth, God whispers, “Beloved child, I have called you. Before you were formed in the womb I knew you. (Jeremiah 1:5) I love you with an everlasting love. I am the only love you need. Dear one, I am the answer. I have you under the refuge of my wings. Dear one, I am the answer. I will bring you everlasting joy and peace. Dear one, I am the answer because I’m your reason to live. You are mine.” 
Are you hurting and broken tonight? Do you need love? Are you held back by chains of fear, bondage and pain? Are you lost in the depth of your sin & guilt? Jesus is calling you to him with open arms of grace. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy, but rather the voice of truth.  
                           {J E S U S} 
Xoxo, Rose ♡


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