Radical Love 

Today I ran across the quote: “Love others so radically they wonder why.” 
It made me think…. 
That women who rudely shoved past you at the grocery store but dropped her box of cereal a few minutes later, rush over, pick up the box of cereal for her, smile at her & tell her you hope she has a wonderful day. Make her wonder why…. For love keeps no record of wrongs. 
That boy that is sitting alone in the lunch room who really doesn’t smell good at all…. Walk over and ask him how he is doing. Offer to pray with him or for him. Make him wonder why…For love is selfless. 
That girl who has always made fun of you, let her know she is loved. Speak kind words to her. Make her wonder why….Because love does not dishonor others. 
For love is not about ourselves. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is selfless. Love endures. 
We can’t truly love unless we are patient. Kind. Selfless. Humble. Gentle. 
Let’s strive to love like Christ today. 

Because Christ’s love: 

Is patient. 

Is kind. 

Does not envy. 

Does not boast. 

Does not dishonor others. 

Is not self seeking. 

Is not easily angered. 

Keeps no record of wrongs. 

Does not delight in evil. 

Rejoices in truth. 







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