Be Bold & Stay Bold

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This past week I (Rose) attended church camp. So many amazing things happened this week, I honestly couldn’t put them in words. I came home bolder, braver & seeking Jesus more than ever. Today I just wanted to share a few things I learned.

(1) Sometimes in our situations, we praise God when we’re on the mountaintop, but can’t seem to praise him when we are in the valley. He is the SAME GOD on the mountaintop & he is the SAME GOD in the valley.

(2) Get to know the God of your storm. Instead of asking God to make the storm cease, ask God to reveal himself in your storm. Let him let you walk on the water. Let his might & power be shown in your life & in your storm.

(3) God wants us to live a passionate & purposeful life. We aren’t called just to be another person walking on the planet or another ” Christian ” who does nothing radical for God. We must be BOLD & BRAVE. We must step out & take a leap of faith to proclaim who God is. We are called to be a light, a city set on a hill. Live a passionate & purposeful life dedicated to Christ.

(4) Move on to who God wants you to be. God has some amazing plans for you, but you have to learn to let go & let God. Let go of the relationship that hurt you. Let go of the sin you committed. Let go of the worries & doubts & lies the enemy throws at you. Let it go & let God work in your life.

(5) We must be BOLD. Boldness is confidence in not ourselves, but who God is. Boldness is birthed in consistent faithfulness. If you want to be bold, be consistent in your relationship with Christ.

(6) People will hurt you. The church will hurt you. Leaders will hurt you. Pastors may even hurt you. But Jesus never will. You can’t stop coming to church because “you don’t like being around that person because they hurt you” or “they’re hypocrites & I can’t stand to watch them in church”. If you keep your eyes on Jesus & the things of him, that shouldn’t matter. Don’t quit coming to the house of the Lord because of people. If God comes first in your life, people & their choices shouldn’t hinder your praise for Jesus. Don’t let people hinder your walk with God. You don’t come to church for people, You come to church to worship Jesus & be in his presence. Don’t let people stop you from being in the presence of an almighty King!

(7) Your eternity is important enough to fight your whole life for. There is an attack on Christians. You see it everywhere. Christians being persecuted. Don’t let the fear or worry of this stop you from keeping your eyes on the big picture, we are on this earth to bring people to heaven. We will all die. I would much rather spend my whole life and die of persecution & go to heaven than hide behind what the world wants me to be & die lonely & without Christ & go to hell. Heaven is the ultimate goal. Are you living for the here & now or for eternity?

(8) When you answer Gods call, you are becoming closer to the person He wants you to be. We must leave who we are behind in pursuit of what God wants us to be. Let Jesus define who you are.

These are just a few of the many many things God spoke to me & showed me this week. I pray that wherever you are today, that these words encourage you. One of the biggest things I learned was we are called to be BOLD.
Are you a Christian?

Then yes, you will stand out.

Yes, you must be bold.

Yes, you must answer God when he calls you.

Yes, you will suffer.

Yes, it will be hard.

No, you won’t have to do it alone.

& Yes. It is worth it. Completely worth it to
spend eternity with Jesus.

I’m taking a stand to {be bold & stay bold.}

Will you?

~ Rose


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