Kisses From Katie: Book Review

imageA few months ago I finished this life-changing book & I can honestly say that’s the most impactful book I’ve ever read. It showed me of the selfless love we must have when serving others. It set my heart on fire.

things I’ve learned from Katie Davis:

1. no matter how inadequate you think you are, God can always use you if you allow him to

2. we must answer “yes” to every & any call God gives us

3. our real value, hope & worth is found in Jesus and what we do for His kingdom

4. this world is not our home, we are pilgrims & strangers here

5. we must trust God with EVERY need, no matter how big or small

6. we must give everything back to God

7. and lastly, no matter what we plan for our lives, God’s plan is always best. we must learn to trust & serve him daily and never stop believing he is holding us in his hands.

” Jesus wrecked my life shattered it to pieces & put it back together more beautifully. ”


> we must trust. serve. surrender. & repeat daily.


2 thoughts on “Kisses From Katie: Book Review

  1. My thoughts exactly!! My life was changed after reading this book! I’ve never been more inspired & encouraged in my life! I will forever be grateful for the example Katie has been to me.
    Thank you for sharing this review! ♡

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