Perfection & How it Destroyed Me


It killed me.

I wanted it. So very bad.

Oh, I tried. You know, to find the most perfect Instagram caption or find the best filter or find the best way to respond to a text. I tried. & you know what? I failed. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It got so bad I began to become un content with who I was. My joy started leaving. I started getting upset when I couldn’t make everything perfect.

I fell in a {TRAP}. One created by my own idea of perfection. The one satan wanted me to fall in. And I fell. I fell hard. But you know what? God’s grace is bigger than my sin. & he saved me.

You know what’s so much better than perfection? Real. The real stuff. The real + the raw. The REAL ME not the ME I tried to make myself. Because honestly, the other “me” wasn’t really me. It was a person who didn’t exist. A perfect person.

So now it’s time to be me. Truly {ME}.

• I’m not perfect.
• I’m created in God’s image.
• He made me who I am.
• I will fail.
• but God’s grace is bigger than my sin.

So it’s time to accept my imperfect self. Because after all, the savior of the universe did & still does.

~ Rose


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