That Was My Cross Too

That was my cross.

That was my punishment.

Those were my sins.


It was his sacrifice.

His life.

His love that saved me from that punishment.

Jesus paid the ultimate price for ME. When he was being beaten, yelled at, kicked, punched & hanging to die on a cross my face flashed before his mind & he knew he was doing this for ME. He truly taught us what unconditional love is. He knew how much I would fail & disobey him. & he knew he could call angels to save him from that cross, but he stayed & died. For ME. No purer, no bigger, no better love than Christ’s. His love saves. Redeems. Heals. Delivers. Sets free. Not just two thousand years ago on a cross, but today. His blood still redeems, heals, delivers & sets free {{today}}. He was perfect. He never made a mistake, he never messed up, but he still suffered for me. His blood was shed for ME. & still today my sins drive the nails in His hands. But God gave me the best redemption plan. & that, is the reason I am free & forgiven.

P.S. – Happy Easter!! I hope you all have a blessed day & remember YOU ARE LOVED by the savior of the world. ❤️
~ Rose


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