Your Worth Should Be Found In Christ

imageSo many times we base our worth in people & things. How many likes we get on our Instagram picture or Facebook status, how many people hang out with us, how many messages we get daily or how many people stop to compliment us on our new outfit. Whenever someone doesn’t spend extra time with us or text us back, we think we’re not worth it. Since they didn’t make us feel worth it, then we’re not. I know this has happened many times in my life. Because a certain person didn’t respond to a comment I left on their picture or offer to hang out with me, I immediately think maybe I’m just not worth it. But doing that is setting up for yourself a life of disappointment. No person can TRULY satisfy you always, except Jesus. People fail & make mistakes. They WILL let you down. So quit placing your worth in worldly things & in people & how they make you feel. You’ll never be worth anything if you do. God is your creator. He knows EVERYTHING about you. He sees from the very first time you took a breath to your last breath. He knows the potential you have in yourself & the worth you contain. Continually God tells us how much he admires & loves us. We are his creation & masterpiece.

God says you are:

Loved (Romans 5:8)

Forgiven (Isaiah 1:18)

Free (John 8:36)

Radiant  (Matthew 5:14)

A victor (Romans 8:37)

Chosen & Called by God (John 15:16)

& so much more!! You are HIS. Place your worth in him and you will never feel worthless again.

~ Rose


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