Jesus Is the Author of Your Story

imageEvery single one of us has a story. A beautifully written story. Written by the most talented + wonderful author in the world. The one who knows everything about us. Our likes & dislikes. Our pains & failures. Our biggest moments & our darkest secrets. There’s no need to worry when we come to a bump in the road, God already has our path written out if we will trust & follow him.

Here’s something I wrote a while back in my journal that I would like to share with all of you….

” I’m the author of your story. In the beginning I created a brown hair, brown eyed, adventurous girl. I knew before she was formed, that she would look for adventure everywhere. And she would be in love with books. And flowers would make her happy. And simplicity was what she would yearn for. I knew that she would try to curl her hair, and never succeed. I knew she would fall in love one day. I knew every tear she would shed and it’s cause. I knew every secret she would ever have and every person she would ever meet. I knew her before time began. I knew her deepest desires & dreams. And I loved her. No matter how many mistakes she would make. How many times she would walk away from me. How many times she would lose faith and trust in me. But I would still love her. And that’s the story of when I created YOU. ” – God

Every single one of us has a story.

There will be ups & downs. Bad times & good times. You will meet people who will encourage you, inspire you, uplift you, change you, hurt you, but everyone will teach you something. We must rely on God daily & trust his plan for our life. He & only He can write the absolute best story for our life & if we follow his plan for our life, that’s when we become the women God has called us to be.

~ Rose


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