Stand Out

Today I will be sharing a guest post by my beautiful and sweet friend, Des!! She has such a beautiful heart for God and I’m so excited to share this post with you!

God did not create you to fit in and be “ordinary.” He intends for you to stand out and to be exactly who you are. I know it might be hard to not become a follower of others. Because let’s be honest, we all want to be popular or feel apart of the group at some point in our life’s. But I can say from personal experience, it’s far easier to stay true to yourself then to try to fit in. Trust me…. When you are your complete self you’ll be a lot happier. Plus, you may not realize it but you’re bringing glory to God when you love the person you are. Because He doesn’t make anyone a copy. He made you exactly the way you are at this very moment in time. A beautiful, smart, special girl who He adores so dearly. When you are being the person God made you to be, you are more beautiful then ever. He made you the way you are for a reason. Believe it because it’s 100% true!

So stand out. Be who you are. Encourage others to do the same. Because in all honesty, it’s a lot more fun to be yourself and doesn’t cause stress like trying to fit in may cause. Following others just to be cool and trying to be like them isn’t what we should be doing. The ONLY person you should be trying to follow is our Jesus. As for everyone else? Be a leader. Because there are very few that have the courage to be one. Be someone that anyone can turn to, make people feel special, love the unlovable, be friends with everyone that comes your way.. No matter how different you might be from them. Because that is so much more valuable then how popular you are. Popularity lasts for a while, yes. But being a light for Jesus and being the person He created you to be? That my dear sister in Christ… Lasts for a whole lifetime.



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