Guest Post// Patiently Waiting

Hey Guys! This is a guest post written by a good friend of mine, Grace. ❤️ I asked her to write a post for our blog & she agreed. I hope this post speaks to many young women, like it did to me.

Xoxo, Rose




To whom it may concern,

I see so many girls settling for less, but you know what? You deserve so much more than you think. You’re Gods precious child and deserve everything. Don’t you ever settle for less than the man of God has reserved to steal your heart only. Ladies know that the wait is going to feel like it’s taking forever to meet your prince face to face but I have GOOD NEWS. God has got your love story all under control. Just TRUST.
I am going to be honest I still haven’t dated anyone and I am 18, and you know what? I am not ashamed. I chose to never settle for less. I’ve gotten asked out many times, in all honesty I’ve gotten asked out recently but I declined. Why? Well, because I know God has the man of God for me and He will reveal my prince in His timing, NOT mine. So while I continue to wait, I will PRESS into Jesus daily and get to know Him more intimately. I am learning new things each day and I am fine by that, we’re all a work in progress and at different places in our walk with Christ. Currently there’s been this boy I’ve started to really catch feelings for the past month it’s been really tugging on my heart. Many things come to my mind, is he just a distraction, is he the one, do I talk to him, do I stay away from him, do I isolate myself from him so I don’t get hurt? All these things ponder my mind and I am in a season in my life where God is teaching me how to be bold in who I am in Christ and really living that out. Well, this past week I haven’t. This boy hurt me and really has no clue as to why, but Jesus does. This boy broke me. I am feeling overally distraught, beyond confused and to the point where I want to isolate myself from this whole situation. God has called me to reach out to this individual and express how I feel and what He did really hurt me and still does until this day. He read my recipients and didn’t care to reply back. What did that leave me feeling in return? Hurt, less, bitter and angry. Those are some pretty strong words, aren’t they? I fully agree and still to this day I feel those things, I’ve chosen to stay this way and not act how Christ would act in this situation. That’s wrong on my part, yes. But him making me feel less, hurt, bitter angry is NEVER something a girl should feel. I tried to get to know him more hoping we could be friends but truthfully I don’t think he wants even that, just from how he acts. I didn’t mention, he is a follower of Christ. But just because he is a follower and loves Jesus dosent mean that gives that individual a right to treat you less. It should want to make you want to treat that individual more. He may read this, he may not. But that’s not my point at all. My point is if you’re getting treated poorly by a man, you deserve more. God isn’t going to match you up with someone who isn’t going to remain loyal to you and most importantly help you both expand your walk with Christ. Who knows maybe God is still working in the boys heart that I had a crush on. Maybe not, only God knows and we just have to rest on that. I find so much peace in this reading John 13|7.

“Jesus answered him, “What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand.”
‭‭John‬ ‭13|7‬ ‭ESV‬‬

I have no idea what the outcome is going to be out of this, but what I want is for him to just respond back to my message, and that would take some hurt away. But you see, boys think so much differently than girls. Boys think “oh well, I don’t have to respond back, that’s okay if I don’t… So I won’t.” They are short very short minded. But ladies, God knows your hurt and will heal your weary heart. I am currently going through Jesus healing my shattered heart just by one simple thing. God knows your heart and knows everything that’s going on in your mind, confess it to Jesus and watch him transform you heart. God has that man of God for you, just wait darling.

~ Grace


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