Beauty Through the Pain

imageWhen this world says we can’t do it, God tells us we can. & he doesn’t just stop there. When we can’t walk, he carries us. When we’re lost, he leads us. When we’re broken, he fixes us. He goes above & beyond to show us he loves + adores us. But sometimes it’s hard to see beauty through the pain. We want to ignore the fact that God has brought us through so many situations because he won’t bring us through “this situation” how we want to get through it. That’s when we must strip ourselves of anything {not of him.} {No} pride. {No} confusion. {No} pain. Beauty. > Peace. > Joy. > Love. > Hope. That’s what MY God can do. We mustn’t limit God in our situations. He can do the impossible if we allow him to.

> let go. forgive. love. be free. hope. trust. & our Heavenly Father will never let us down. 


One thought on “Beauty Through the Pain

  1. Like you said Sometimes I do want to ignore him because he won’t let me though the hard times the easy way! I need to remember to trust him that he will get me out and maybe I am in the situation for a reason! God is the only one that can determine that so I better just hang onto him.

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